An Exhibit for Seahorses


Project Description

This project explores ornament’s relationship with darkness, combining the deep crevices found in gothic portals with the fluid intensity of Rococo design within an environment that necessitates controlled darkness. In an aquarium exhibit, the light from behind the glass of the tanks penetrates the darkness of the hall. The ornament surrounding the tank enhances the glowing light of the tank by generating its own darkness in the enclosure. A dialogue between ornament and exhibit is generated from simulating creatures inside the tank. Syngnathidae, the family of fish including seahorses and their close relatives, have the unique capability of blending in with its surroundings. The flexibility of the animal’s body is due to the shape of the spiral already embedded into its anatomic structure, generating incredible variety since the animals can hide in or curl around nearly any organic form. There are at least eighteen animals hidden in the drawing. Try to find them all!