Flood Planes


Project Description

This project aims to mediate the abrupt juxtaposition of the bucolic landscape of the site with the adjacent commercial context and highway. By using the context as a generative tool, the major programmatic components of the project were placed in line with existing buildings and turn their backs to the street. In the interstitial zone between buildings, an artificial landscape pushes back on the commercial context, creating an oscillation of land mass and building across the site. A corridor traverses this oscillation, making the inhabitant aware of the contextual mediation occurring on the site. The project aims to suspend the inhabitant within and deny the comprehension of zero. At high tide, the built planes and axial corridor flood and destabilize the ground plane further. The architecture, in effect, blurs the distinction between the natural and the artificial by not only inverting the landscape with man-made construction, but also constantly fluctuating in water level throughout the day.