Fulfillment Pile


Project Description

Nomination, H.I. Feldman Prize

Making is at the core of communities. This proposal combines a dump/recycling/thrift market w/ assembly spaces for learning, machining shops for construction, studio space, and exhibition space. Proposing a civic place for making with a center for fulfillment.  

Junk is a cultural commodity. Within the pile and on the surrounding platforms, junk is everywhere; random organization.  The pile becomes a mixing pot for robots, stuff, people, makers, shoppers, filtering through conveyors and stairs.  Spaces are defined by movement paths between piles of stuff along the platforms.  Market and exhibition becomes mixed as one.

The fulfillment center is located sandwiched between each structural platform.  The fulfillment distribution center is automated by robots. Alternating robot floor, human floor, robot floor. At each level, the fulfillment center operates internally within the structure, and public activity happens on the platform. Platforms are open with a curtain weaving between structural bays along the platforms to provide enclosure.