Game II: Re-Zoning Long Island City

Project Description

The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance aims to reestablish New York’s waterways as the city’s greatest natural asset by making them accessible, clean, and inviting, as well as drivers of economic activity. In Long Island City, we envision a continuous, publicly accessible promenade along the East River that will connect the Gantry Plaza State Park to the South with the Queensbridge Park Greenway to the North. The main objective of the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance’s rezoning proposal is to ensure the success and preservation of this future waterfront park. To finance the purchase and initial operation of this new park, the city will issue tax-free municipal bonds. In order to maintain the waterfront park, the MWA is proposing a Business Improvement District comprised of local property owners, merchants and civic leaders. A cultural hub will activate the waterfront area, while a public pier will provide commuter links to Manhattan via water taxi.