Project Description

Glitch. Symmetry. Reflection.

This project sprouted from ideas of space and science fiction. A speculative study of apparent symmetries of mechanical systems, the development of geometries from glitch generation, and the interlacing of reflected human forms, guided the conceptual development of GLYTCH.

The plan is symmetrical, reflected about and highlighting the two central space artifacts - the Destiny module and the smaller SpaceX capsule. Wrapping the Destiny module, continuous circulation takes one from the lobby up into the gallery, through the educational spaces, and up into the lecture hall. Above, three floors of office are split by the SpaceX in the central atrium.

The exterior skin consists of an aggregation of shards, a highly articulated structural shell with moments of slippage revealing views within. With the aesthetics of space-mech, CASIS brings back the Space Age with a design that doesn’t ground itself with Earthly precedent, but truly aspires to bring Space to Earth.