A Hedonistic House

Project Description

This single family home is two distinctly different houses in one, both sharing the same suite of bedrooms. At the center of this house is the bedroom. Housing must necessarily include a place to sleep, and that very space tends to be the room most sheltered from the climate.  In this project, the bedrooms are grouped together into one conditioned bar that then shapes the rest of the house. The bar shades the spaces below from the sun, and lifts the spaces above it towards the sky and the views. The spaces above and below are the more public and social spaces of the home and mirror each other in plan. Everything that exists above the bedrooms exists below, only inverted and offering a different way to experience the current weather.

This house adapts to the climate by offering different ways of experiencing it. While most houses offer inside or outside, sheltered or exposed, a binary limited by the time of year, the home is adaptable to the seasons. Throughout the year, it is both warm and cool, shaded and sunlit, formal and casual; at once a space of activity and relaxation. The aim of the design is resist limiting the way you can experience nature, but also offer new inventive ways to inhabit a home.