Intercontinental Ice Plaza Hotel

Project Description

The Vienna Skating Club has long been part of Viennese society, and what was once held up as a spectacle and heralded for its ability to bring people together in communal activity has become suppressed and hidden behind closed walls.  The current ice rinks found in Vienna are in a social black-hole abutting the Intercontinental Hotel and the Vienna Konzerthaus but engaging neither and remaining hidden from the street.  This project sets out to reimagine the ice-skating rink as seamlessly integrated into the public realm.  It refigures the site as one large sheet of ice that is both visibly and physically accessible to everyone.  Much like the Dutch Painter Hendrick Avercamp’s paintings depict, society would occur on the ice blurring the distinction between plaza and ice rink.  This new free space allows for a programmatic mixing that brings a multitude of different groups together inhabiting a frozen tabula rasa.