Landscape for Learning


Project Description

The goal of this ‘Landscape for Learning’ was to create a piece of architecture capable of teaching visitors about nature through both sight and sound simultaneously.

The mirrored nature walk is shaped specifically to amplify the natural sounds of the most densely wooded areas surrounding the site. The walkway continuously transforms along its length, morphing from convex to concave and rising above and below grade. The changes in shape and height are finely tuned to literally ‘reflect’ and amplify specific natural sounds of the surrounding environment to the visitor while simultaneously blocking and suppressing unwanted noise from nearby traffic. The end of the nature walk culminates in a small complex which is comprised of a center for environment learning, a scenic café, a boat launch, and an outdoor amphitheater. The mirrored façade of the learning center aims to act as an ‘active camouflage’ in that the building becomes a mere reflection of its scenic surroundings.