Mill River Live-Work Tower


Project Description

The intersection of Mill and Chapel Streets serves as a marker for the entire Timber Innovation District. To capture people’s attention, the site contains a twelve story tower as well as a six story slab building which are linked by a publicly accessed plinth. Both buildings consist primarily of live-work spaces with additional commercial spaces at street level. Here, the idea of live-work spaces is re-imagined and varied to create a diverse community of people. There are three types of living arrangements. First is co-living which consists of minimal private units (dorm style rooms) and maximum shared spaces – kitchens, dining, social, and work areas. The second type of living arrangement is co-working – larger private units that include private bathrooms and kitchens but work areas are shared. The last are live-work units – entirely private apartment units with personal work spaces.

A mix of the three types of living units are organized within a CLT tray system. Three levels of living units are stacked between two CLT super trays, interconnected by shared circulation spaces including stairs that bring people up to the second and third stories. In the tower, there are four sets of stacked trays (to create 12 stories total) which are then all linked by two cores containing elevators and utilities. The living units themselves are prefabricated CLT boxes set into place on site. The buildings made up of prefabricated parts and a repeated structural system allows for efficiency in the construction process while the diverse combinations of living units provide space for a redefined model for living and working.