The New Barbican Concert Hall


Project Description

The Barbican Centre is an iconic masterpiece of British Brutalist architecture which has acquired a notorious reputation for its innate qualities as a fortification: it is a thick, impenetrable poche in the midst of a porous medieval street structure. To tackle the issues of physical, visual and aesthetic access, my proposal excises an existing part of the Barbican Centre to make room for a plaza that grants direct passage into the infamous compound.

The New Barbican Concert Hall building sits adjoining the plaza, partially hovering over it to amplify the urban gesture. The performance space is housed within this exterior form as a nested object that is pulled away from the staggered interior spaces to create a network of dynamic canyon-like foyers. The concert hall is designed as a series of tiered seating sections which vertically shear past one another to construct dynamic viewing experiences as well as to create an acoustically heightened performance space.