Nike+ City

Project Description

This project uses the moving room to rethink the relationship between Nike retail and the metropolis.  Rio de Janeiro is a multifaceted city that encompasses a paradoxical range of cultural influences.  There is a corollary in the Nike identity, which wavers between tradition and technology, and between local identity and global reach.  This project uses movement to celebrate, rather than bridge, difference. 

The moving rooms house Nike’s cutting edge bespoke manufacturing and high-tech measurement programs.  The rooms pivot in and out of the building, changing the typology of the building from private to public, from interior to exterior.  In the closed position, the views from the rooms are projected inwards, and the building does not impinge on the city.  In the open position, the rooms cantilever over the street, seaming in views of the city—integrating the Nike retail experience into the urban fabric, and presenting a façade to both the commercial street of Rio Branco, and to the historical arterial street behind.  A public amphitheater is created from the space between floor plates.  Nike+ City gives the brand a dynamic brand footprint: presenting an iconic face to Rio de Janeiro, while respecting the urban fabric.