An Ornamented Bus Stop


Project Description

This ornament project challenges the notion of traditionally modest public amenities, and asks what it would look like if some of society’s everyday public spaces were ornamented. The project uses Gaudi and Guimard’s figurative and sculptural systems-of-ornament, but brings these systems into the tectonically honest economies of the modern day bus stop. In each of the precedents, the ornament and forms are able to generate an object that is fantastic and something that looks “other-worldly”, but architectural elements are still recognizable- such as columns still reading as columns due to their vertical nature and one’s ability to read them as supporting the roof. Ornament reads in multiple scales, from the large sculptural main column, to the tendrils which accentuate the intersections of different architectural elements, and to the small interlaced weave pattern of leaf-like elements between the columns. This project attempts to create an equilibrium between the whimsical and the grounded, ornament and utility, and transforms this humble commuter space into an object that is both fantastical and recognizable.