PIT - Public Infrastructure Terminal

Project Description

The public infrastructure terminal (PIT) acts as a public foundation, supporting and negotiating two thousand new residential units in Central Square. The PIT borrows principles from the success of Boston’s great streets and vast landfill projects of the 19th Century. Utilizing the underdeveloped superblock located North of Massachusetts Avenue, the project proposes a 60’ deep excavation, allowing for 8 full stories of residential housing, while maintaining the relatively low elevation of the existing streets. The underground terminal is connected to the existing infrastructure of the T-stop and streets. Moreover, the terminal redefines the public realm by interlacing all degrees of public program including transportation, parking, shopping, recreational park and residential lobbies. The hybridized program creates a new active park-scape that mediates between public and private areas. An integrated cultural performance venue is activates the site at night. Situated at the end of Main Street, it creates a more definitive square that is visually connected with the urban fabric across the Charles River.