Post FAT


Project Description

The project is presented as a collection of things. Grids, lines, artifacts, architectural hybrids, constructed artifacts, become a project about the possibilities of architecture. Early “Gridscapes” combine Corbusier’s monumental project of modernism and hygiene, the Villa Savoye, with John Smith’s 1612 map of Virginia. Mechanized space of the 20th Century crosses with calligraphic landscapes of 17th Century representation. Constructed artifacts deal with the nature of the line as a hybridized thing, capable of changing material properties from charred to natural wood, seamlessly spliced with resin.

Early artifacts and Gridscapes deploy themselves on a site in Peckham. The project becomes a world enveloping contradictory things, Spa and Meat Market, Gallery and Residential spaces, self-referential proportions, and calligraphic ribbon windows all come together in a Polyphonic world about representation and architecture.