Post FAT

Project Description

A set of speculative drawings and built works explores the translation of drawn architectural lines into graphic systems that organize 2d and 3d space. On paper, grids describing basic hierarchies are hybridized with content from various external sources. The hybridization occurs at the level of subject matter and at the level of representation mode, with the line providing the framework for content to be recontextualized. In these gridscapes seemingly unrelated or incompatible forms are organized by the line assemblages. In real spaces, the line works within a found architectural condition to create an intervention that visually reframes the existing. As it unfolds through space it relates elements into new visual hierarchies, delineating space in a way that augments the existing reality and operating simultaneously at the level of the virtual and physical/material. This graphic, essentialized space becomes the site of exchange between frame and content, drawing and mass, the abstract and the real.