Project Description

Gabriela Baeza-Castaneda, Jason Kurzweil & Lexi Weintraub

Our project focuses on Resilient Park Ecosystems. We think of a resilient park ecosystem as one that continually adapts to change and disturbance. In the context of an urban environment, we consider an ecosystem to include all of the human and nonhuman members of the community that pass through the parkway. As an urban “park”, we consider it essential that the park serve the residents and visitors of Sacramento, both as a functioning ecosystem and as a place to enjoy spending time outdoors.

We see the parkway as a raw space with vast potential. Our vision is to impose a system of nodes and networks that draws people into underutilized areas of the ARP and highlights underappreciated features. In order to make visible the historical, cultural, ecological and recreational opportunities within the park, we identify, categorize and map points of interest throughout the parkway. We then develop a system of nodes and connecting pathways intended to bring people to these locations and create spaces that encourage them to stay and enjoy them. We use three design elements to accomplish this vision:

1. Establishing points of interest and networks of historical, cultural, ecological and recreational features.
2. Establishing nodes with repeating architectural elements and interactive display stations.
3. Creating regional identities.