School of Architecture for Penn Design

Project Description


Mimi Hoang

Situated on a prominent corner of campus, Penn Design draws from ideas of pedagogy and site context to organize form and program. An overarching parallelogram plan allows the school to hold a façade both on the urban street and on the campus quad. This creates a courtyard that frames the existing library and maximizes Penn Design’s exposure to the major pedestrian thoroughfare that cuts a diagonal through the site. The building embodies the idea of “path,” scaling from large, interdisciplinary campus connections down to the individual in transit. A corrugated façade directs views and mitigates sun as one travels through the school. Alternating full and half floor plates create a series of single, double, and triple-height spaces, which establish visual connections between some programs and maintain privacy for others.  Designed to serve as a hub on campus that attracts interdisciplinary, collaborative work, Penn Design creates academic and urban connections at a variety of scales.