Shelter Factory

Project Description

The garment industry is struggling with identity and cultural relevance. The economic position of Bangladesh is drastically being influenced by the global forces and fundamental aspects of Bangladeshi culture like live and work are being reinvented. This reinvention/ new production of goods has separated the contemporary Bangladeshi culture from the traditional process’ of cultivation and production. Shelter Factory is located in the river delta of Bangladesh; it proposes a jute manufacturing facility that doubles as a cyclone shelter.

The building acts like a bridge its embankments are designed to extend the dry season by 45 days and protect a select portion of jute crops from the monsoon floods. Shelter Factory consists of permanent concrete piers that are anchored by the embankment system. The permanence of the walls is contrasted by the temporary timber structures that infill the infrastructure. A series of courtyards provide light and access while mitigating the water to jute relationship. During the dry season the building is utilized as a factory for the production of jute products, while in the wet season it serves as a bridge and flexible public space.