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Project Description

Work, Family and quiet living in a Swiss valley.

Through concrete, Zumthor's home echoes the morphology of it Haldenstein’s vernacular architecture. Though, it is inward looking, and sets itself apart from its neighbors. A castle in ruins looms on a bluff overlooking the home, the two are not so different. No doubt this is his own fortress, a manifestation of the famed reclusiveness of the architect…

Within, touches of wood and curtains warm the otherwise Spartan concrete dwelling and suggest an extension of the garden to within. Its program, largely disposed about the central courtyard turns its back on the street. Approaching the home and studio one finds few clues of entry. A blank concrete wall with a nondescript door provides passage to the studio.  It is a one sided opacity, and supports Zumthor’s penchant for working with his back to a wall, while views remain open before him. The home and studio opens to the courtyard, a place of for grandchildren to play, and to the inaccessible precipice and mountains beyond.