Systems Integration: CASIS Headquarters Comprehensive Documentation

Project Description

This semester-long project focused on creating a set of comprehensive construction documents for a student project designed during a prior semester.  This set of documents required each group to design and solve problems of structure, egress, construction sequencing, waterproofing, and climatization.  Our design had the added challenge of pushing limits of traditional methods of construction, involving a parametrically controlled, panelized skin which wrapped both the facade and the interior atrium.  The projectís main focus was solving the problem of how to construct a clad six-story atrium, which fondly became known as the ëYAMí, while providing all necessities of structure, fire-proofing, sunlight and conditioning.  As a result, the entire project was redesigned and rebuilt using BIM software, reverse engineered from a regularized structural system.  Following the redesign, the project utilized conventional construction methods to achieve the same desired effect of the original design.