Project Description

I’m interested in how a space speaks for the cultural values and ideologies that produced it. The Art and Architecture building at Yale, designed by Paul Rudolph, is not a traditional modernist space. It is a complex building that speaks about the trajectory of modernism and its continued impact on the human body. The interior and exterior walls of the building repel touch as well as subtly decorate or ornament the space. This is a contrast, which perpetuates and subverts modernist ideologies by adorning the hyper masculine concrete structure.

I spent hours studying and exploring the stairwells of Rudolph’s building. In my paintings, I’m not critiquing Rudolph’s design, but meditating on his desire to have people rest and wait in these spots of transition and movement. The paintings are made by scraping away layers of paint to expose the texture of the surface, which I see as an investigation into what is physiologically buried inside the walls of a building and beneath the skin of our bodies.