Tianjin Industrial Waterfront Re-Development

Project Description

Tianjin Industrial Waterfront Re-Development envisions a mixed-use waterfront district that connects to a greater network of urban development along the river’s northern edge while maintaining a diversity of urban fabric by retaining the grid of the site’s industrial past. Through the relocation of the Tanggu Railway station, the site becomes a vital link to Beijing, Tianjin’s city center, and the new Central Business District via the planned high speed rail extension. A variegated urban street network constantly draws residents and visitors down toward and back from the water’s edge with a main pedestrian axis that becomes a promenade toward the river. The end of the promenade is met with a waterfront theater with sub-axes that lead back inland toward the old shipyard factory building and crane yard, reused to be a convention center and sculpture park. Restaurant and shopping amenities are embedded in between the triangulated public hinge points with a corridor of hotels that include ground level retail linking the train station to the convention center. The proposed master plan investigates the duality of the city and the water’s edge as building envelopes respond to the varying conditions set up by the two edges.