Timber Market Hall

Project Description

Nomination, H.I. Feldman Prize

This Timber Market Hall uses contemporary timber manufacturing technologies to express wood as a monolithic material.  The structural assembly system is a series of large cantilevering box beams made of laminated timber trusses and cross-laminated timber panels. This allows for a thickened plan of deep wooden coffers supported on a field of hollow timber pylons.  This material expression proposes a new vision for urban wood buildings in contrast with the typical use of wood in stick frame construction.

The Market Hall creates a large new public space that connects the Fairhaven Neighborhood to the waterfront and to the Timber Innovation District.  The open plan of the first floor creates an uninterrupted connection from the Market Hall to the waterfront and allows for views of the Mill River Bridge and power plant.  The second level is a grocery store accessed by a landscape stair that provides bleachers for the existing soccer field.  Above this there is a housing tower containing apartments which open onto the roof garden and provide the residents with exterior yards for gardening and private recreation.  A series of clerestory windows are set in the roof garden planting beds, allowing light to penetrate down to the market hall below.