Triangle Development Group

Project Description

Mott Haven is on the brink of a redevelopment renaissance, but the one thing standing in the way are its public housing projects.  However, the NYCHA projects themselves are not the problem - it is the way they have been abandoned as superblock islands, marooned by a stigma that prevents their cohesive involvement in the everyday life of the neighborhood.  Smaller-scale interventions that avoid the public housing may make financial sense in the short run, but Mott Haven demands a visionary proposal that treats the root of its growing pains, not just the symptoms.  The Triangle Districts proposal accomplishes this by directly engaging with the Mott Haven and Patterson Houses, pairing public realm improvements with a retail vision for Third Avenue that connects to the HUB.  It is an ambitious proposal - exactly what Mott Haven needs and deserves.

The Triangle Districts proposal represents a new age for NYCHA, one that introduces a prototype for financial and social success within public housing projects.  The proposal further considers the needs of the neighborhood as a whole;  Mott Haven can be defined as any number of boundaries (evidenced above), and this plan accordingly deals with both local and regional scales.  Much like how the NYCHA projects must soften their edges to welcome interactions with the rest of the neighborhood, the destination of the Triangle Districts will allow Mott Haven to reach beyond its boundaries, attracting new residents and developers.  For now, the Triangle Districts act as the harbinger of new economic vitality.  In the future, they continues to play a crucial part in the sustained success of Mott Haven.