Architectural Design

Project Description

Our project takes on two of the major issues facing Coney Island in the near future; one of rising sea levels and increasingly damaging storm surge, and one of rising median age.  In order to address Coney’s infrastructural and demographic vulnerabilities, we utilized the berm as a traversable, protective barrier.    The berms go beyond a mere act of preservation to serve as a catalyst for new development through the intensification of Coney Island’s many unique neighborhood enclaves as urban islands.  By formalizing existing, yet invisible, boundaries, we create three distinct zones—the inner enclave, the berm, and resulting interstitial land.  As we evacuate the low lying areas outside of the berm system, the interiors begin to densify, eventually forming richer urban environments and unique destinations for the greater region.  In response, the berm surface and sacrificial zones consolidate programs that can endure and thrive despite environmental changes.  As one continuous network of open space, the interstitial fabric both reacts to each enclave’s identity and unites Coney as a whole.