Architectural Design

Project Description

Coney Island is faced with a paradox: the function (amusement) vs. the functional (residential). Based on the inevitability of sea level rise, Coney must instrumentalize amusement as the key to its future. Our proposal takes a combinatory approach to Coney’s new urban identity. By centralizing around a hub and amplifying Coney’s identity as a destination, we enable the longevity of the island through the key element of its survival: the hotel.

Coney’s current context lacks any hotels. The hotel as a typology is able to support Coney not only in its reinforcement as a destination, but also as a crucial support structure during storm events. Armed with the knowledge that Coney’s resiliency is contingent on its legacy, our proposal establishes a linear bar of cross-programmed commercial and recreation functions with a wealth of amusement functions, striving to redefine a spatial typology. This creates new adjacencies which solidifies Coney's viability as a new urban and recreation center.

This new urban and amusement development drives the viability of hotel towers, establishing a path forward towards the future Coney: maintaining its legacy while inventing its future.