Advanced Design Studio: Garvin/Gray/Kalisvaart

Project Description

Mrine site is the last “blank slate” site available for development in central Amsterdam. Although an implied commercial development would be most beneficial to parties involved (MAB), the question of urbanistically and civically responsible development might be asked.

The NAME proposes to utilize the available site as a seed for new civic center which would include a relocated opera house and city hall as well as existing institutions concentrated around the navy site – music conservatory, central public library, NEMO technical museum, maritime museum and Archam architecture center.
To achieve this goal the site is subdivided into two distinct zones – the civic waterfront and residential neighborhood – separated by public park buffer. The civic center, consisting of an opera house, ballet theater, city hall and public waterfront faces the historic Amsterdam and is connected to it through a network of proposed boardwalk bridges. Residential neighborhood occupies the northern half of the site providing a backdrop to the civic zone as well a link to the existing residential neighborhoods bordering the eastern edge of the site. The residential neighborhood layout is modeled on the historic character of the Amsterdam’s Canal Zone. Weaving, tree lined, streets, linked by canals provide an intimate and park-like environment.