Advanced Design Studio: Bucci

Project Description

In 2006 the city of São Paulo issued Cidade Limpa (clean city law), a ban on billboard advertisements, as a response to an overwhelming and visually distracting agglomeration of signage.  The removal of these large advertisements revealed many hidden favelas, or shantytowns, where squatters occupied the space behind the billboard.  This attempt to clean the city has left many party walls exposed, giving São Paulo its distinguishing character.  The project uses architecture as a means to cover the exposed walls, providing new façades for all the affected buildings throughout the city.

As duplex apartments, these 4.5M thin facades respond to the lack of housing in the Historic Downtown of São Paulo, where many buildings are left vacant as the major commercial and financial district relocated across town to Paulista Avenue.  As a new formula for the city, each residential tower is connected at an elevated lobby level with a series of open-air, shared gardens that provide buffer from a new public arcade below.  The design strategy borrows from the site’s existing context, program, and infrastructure.  With the chosen site, the project capitalizes from an existing parking garage with lift, an active commercial district along 25 De Marco Street, a busy highway at the Anhangabau level, accessible rooftops, and a metro stop nearby.