Advanced Design Studio: Bald


Project Description

When one takes a closer look into the world of manga, it is evident that there are two types of audiences - the general mainstream public, who hold a casual, passive stance on manga and then there is the obsessive fan, that uses manga as an escape from reality - otherwise known as the otaku. What my project aims to do is to marry these two types of audiences with one continuous spatial ribbon where one progresses from passive to active spaces, where one transitions from and observer to a participator. The passive zones are mainly located above ground and contain the more standard, institutionalized spaces such as the gallery spaces, public reading room, and auditorium. The gallery spaces are organized like stacks of manga books, cascading into the central intersection space. The active zones underground are dense active spaces and are organized much like the street markets we saw in Tokyo. They contain spaces for activities that a manga enthusiast partakes in such as a private reading rooms,gaming area, media lab to create manga, and a maid cafe. The main intersection zone where these two worlds overlap is a large dynamic, open space where one can see the overlapping and layering of the two types of spaces.

For the approach to the building, from afar it reads as a monolithic mass, but as one passes on the monorail, the upper volume serves as a large display case, revealing the content of what is inside. At street level, one enters underneath the large canopy through a low compressed entry that immediately opens up to the large volume of the intersection / mixing space where they choose which zone they wish to engage in. The roof of the underworld space also serves as a public urban plaza. For more private events such as cosplay, there is a sunken courtyard in the rear of the building where there are also secondary entries to directly access the auditorium and the underworld zone.