Project Description

Responding to the catastrophe of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, this urban studio explores the lessons learned and the research required to develop a coastal site on Coney Island through 2080, while protecting it from rising sea levels and future storms.

Implementing a hybrid strategy of "resist" and "adapt," this design proposes a new kind of infrastructure that will evolve with the changing urban and ecological conditions. In 2020, the proposal introduces linear greenways into Coney Island. By converting existing vacant land into public parks bound by a 16-foot wall, the greenways create a new boundary between wet and dry. By 2050, this edge condition is absorbed into the expanding urban fabric, making it indistinguishable from the city at large. The green channels are systematically expanded, while the center of the island becomes the focal point of consumption and amusement. By 2080, the barrier system that allows water to move across the island freely evolves to incorporate a new raised transportation network between the urban islands.