Visualization II: The City of Elspeth

Project Description

Another sliding structure gives way; the pylons crack and buckle, releasing another fragment of cityscape into the sky.  Shattered streets glisten in the light.  Wrenched earth floats overhead.  Fissures form under the intense pressure of the rippling impacts.  Buildings crash in a simultaneous event of fusion and fracture.  The slices and deep cuts expose their hollowness.  The story of two worlds violently colliding is all that remains of the city of Elspeth as its fragments tell of its historic cataclysm.  Forever on the brink of disaster, the two distinct worlds once separate and independent now remain trapped in a symphony of union with strange relics melting together and coincidently falling apart.  Fragments of each world combine to create a place filled with movement and complexity.  Its people navigate this fluid remnant world without sorrow or nostalgia.  Regulated by its own clockwork, the city can never again be.  There is comfort here.