Project Description

Once in the ocean, the average water molecule will spend thousands of years trapped, waiting, saline. To escape requires energy, the proper vector and above all a berth on the surface. These factors do not align often: At a given time only one in every 100,000 molecules of water participates in the water cycle. Bands of heat and weather conspire to bring a disproportionate number of those molecules to the skies, hills, and umbrellas of Connecticut. There, they join WASSERGEIST.

Reclaiming Bridgeport’s intimate relationship with the water, WASSERGEIST raises two roads which then protect the South End neighborhood from the ocean while wrapping a series of lakes which treat, celebrate, and enjoy one of Connecticut’s most maligned resources: rainwater. Placing most of the new lakes in the ocean guarantees the preservation of Seaside Park. The lakes then become the spine for future development. Before plunging back into the salty depths, the water molecule gets one last hurrah.