WAVE Museum


Project Description

Nomination, H.I. Feldman Prize

WAVE Museum is a proposal which seeks to redesign a currently sorely underutilized portion of Yale campus: the evolution of Yale Music’s instrument collection from a depository into a museum.

The first step reorganizes the block with a new master plan to densify and enliven the street edges.  The northeast corner is redeveloped to continue the length of pedestrian-friendly restaurants and shops along the street, while the southeast corner makes way for larger Yale development.  The swath of parking, which occupies the center along with flanking buildings, has been excised to make room for the heart of this proposal.
The rolling field, playing off the campus green, not only serves as a continuation of the park, but, as it rises gently, houses a performance space underneath the green roof hill which terminates in the swell of an amphitheater.  The flowing wave along the hill, which switches from façade to roof, shields the collections within while revealing, at moments, the folds and swirls of circulation.  The roof has been developed parametrically, allowing for an easily buildable, ruled surface with gradually shifting structural fins - shaping itself to the volumes within and alongside the hill beneath.

WAVE organizes the program in two strips.  The main galleries are in the larger northern wave, with administration and back of house on the south, separated by the hill between.

Continuing the Cross Campus fields into the site, WAVE takes the form of both landscape and building, drawing people across the greens with the lyrical grace of the instruments and sounds housed within.