Eugene Han

Enrolled Program


Third Year

Eugene Han’s research attempts a survey of meter in architectural form, as conditioned by histories of language, classification and perception. By prioritizing the linguistic axis of “syntagm” over “paradigm”, his studies construct an interpretative account of 20th century discourses that aim towards descriptive, rather than prescriptive, methods of formal analysis. A major task of his research is to bridge pre-Structuralist theories of form in architecture, philosophy and literature, with contemporary modes of computational representation.

Eugene received his M.Arch. from the Architectural Association, London, and his B.Sc. from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. Prior to commencing his doctoral studies at Yale, he served as Unit Master at the AA in both the Intermediate and Diploma Schools, from 2005, as well as serving as the school’s Programme Director in Media Studies. Before setting up his own design studio in 2006, he had worked in offices in London, Barcelona, and Los Angeles. His own studio’s projects include masterplanning, building, product design, and computational applications. In addition to his fulltime teaching positions, he has also taught professional seminars in London, as well as academic workshops in Madrid and Moscow.