Ioanna Angelidou

Enrolled Program


Fifth Year

Ioanna Angelidou’s interest centers on what Arata Isozaki refers to as the “construction of anti-architectural histories,” namely, novel interactions between architecture, narratives, and visualization in print culture. The merging of representation and conceptualization creates invisible historical axes in the production and dissemination of ideas in art and architecture. The aim of Ioanna’s research is to trace how architectural genealogy and creative documentation intertwine to catalyze contemporary discourse as re-invention through archiving.

Prior to commencing her studies at Yale, Ioanna received M.Arch. degrees from Columbia University in New York and Aristotle University in Greece and worked as an architect at Kengo Kuma and Associates in Tokyo. She has also collaborated with the Museum of Contemporary Art (MMCA) in Greece for an exhibition of contemporary Japanese architecture, for which she received the Japan Foundation’s Visual Arts Grant. Her publications include contributions to journals such as Log, Arch+, and GA Document, as well as the book Small Tokyo (2012).