Skender Luarasi

Enrolled Program


Fourth Year

Skender Luarasi’s research investigates the relationship of geometry and architecture. One often thinks of geometry as a solid ground that secures and stabilizes things, a metaphysical truth procedure that is universally true and absolute at any place and any time. A sphere is a sphere today, as it was in the time of Euclid… Yet, the ways and manners that bring the geometries about are never universally true or absolute. More than synchronic geometry is diachronic. More than universal truth procedure geometry is a social medium and expertise that circulates among different human and non-human agents. The research is critical of the common view that geometry is a “tool for architecture,” and investigates how architecture is also a tool for geometry. Luarasi’s research focuses particularly on the mid-century debate on proportion, and investigates how there is a direct line between this post-war geometry and today’s parametric geometry.

Skender is a licensed architect and practices in Boston and Albania. Skender holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston and a Master Degree in Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has previously taught at The School of Architecture at Washington State University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Rhode Island School of Design. He has published at Haecceity Journal, and presented his research and design works in several national and international conferences. He has worked as a designer for dEcoi architects/MIT Digital Design Group, Kennedy & Violich Architects Ltd and Finegold + Alexander Associates Inc in Boston.