Tim Altenhof

Enrolled Program



B.Arch, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
M.Arch, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Fifth Year

Tim Altenhof’s research interests focus on the interchangeability and interpenetration of inside and outside, an ambivalence which was at the core of the modern condition in the early twentieth century in architecture and culture more broadly. Mainly German speaking art-history around Heinrich Wölfflin from the turn of the century helps calibrate the legacy of space concepts in modern architecture and serves as an apparatus to inspire an investigation into air as a fundamental part of space in light of some of the historiographical accounts of writers like Giedion and Kaufmann. Recent presentations and those yet to come include venues such as the Martlet Symposium at McGill University in Montreal, the 2015 GSA meeting in Washington, as well as the 2015 annual conference of the International Walter Benjamin Society in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Tim holds both the B.Arch. and M.Arch. degrees from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, and a pre-degree from the Bauhaus University Weimar where he commenced his studies in architecture. In the meantime, he studied for two years in Greg Lynn’s masterclass at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, and has worked at various architectural practices across Europe, including Cloud9, KMT/n-o-m-a-d and Zaha Hadid Architects.