School of Architecture/School of Management

The Yale School of Architecture and the School of Management offer a joint-degree program in Architecture and Management. This program is especially oriented to individuals who wish to integrate the design, urban development, and management professions in pursuing careers in government or the private sector.

Joint-degree students in the three-year first professional M.Arch. program must complete all requirements for the degree, including six terms of design studio, with the first four terms taken consecutively. This is an accredited, professional degree and specific requirements may not be bypassed, except when waivers are granted for course work previously completed at other institutions. Students in this program will have their overall number of course credits required for the M.Arch. degree reduced from the normal 108 credits to 90 credits. This means they will take 18 fewer elective credits (six elective courses) and may be waived from the History and Theory and/or Urbanism and Landscape elective requirements. Normally this adjustment will allow the student to divide the final (fourth) year schedule between the two required advanced studios at the School of Architecture and courses at the School of Management.

Joint-degree students in the two-year post-professional M.Arch. program must complete 54 credits in the School of Architecture, including four advanced studios. They will complete the joint-degree program in three years, normally consisting of one full year in each school and a final year divided between the two schools.

At the conclusion of the required studies, the joint-degree program awards both a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and a Master of Architecture. Withdrawal or dismissal from the School of Management will automatically obligate a student to complete all normal requirements for the M.Arch. degree (108 credits for first professional degree; 72 credits for post-professional degree option). The M.Arch. degree will not be awarded to joint-degree candidates until they have completed all requirements for both degrees.

Admissions are determined independently by the two schools. Students may apply to both schools at the same time and, if accepted, will begin their studies at the School of Architecture, since admission to the School cannot be deferred; or they may apply to the School of Management prior to their final year at the School of Architecture. Students enrolled at the School of Management may apply to the School of Architecture during their first year. Those who apply simultaneously should so indicate on both applications. Applications to the School of Architecture must be approved by the committee of the joint-degree program. Inquiries may be directed to the registrar at the School of Architecture and to the director of student services at the School of Management.