BIM in Academia


Yale School of Architecture

Designed by Kloepfer–Ramsey

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This book compliments Building in the Future, published in 2010. It features a collection of essays by educators and practitioners on how Building Information Modeling (BIM) should be taught in architecture schools in the United States. The essays are divided between those that look at the larger pedagogical issues raised by teaching BIM (is it an advanced technique layered on top of the traditional education? Or is it a fundamental game-change, introduced at the early stages of design education?) and those that provide examples of BIM-centered courses, some within traditional M.Arch programs and others in cross-disciplinary programs that combine architecture with construction management and/or engineering and landscape. In all the essays, the excitement of exploring the implications of BIM while examining the tensions it introduces to conventional education (and production) is palpable. Published with a grant from Autodesk.