Constructs Spring 2013



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Table of Contents

2 Conversation with Isaac Kalisvaart

3 Conversation with Roisin Heneghan and Shih-Fu Peng

4 Conversation with Angelo Bucci

5 Conversation with Adib Cure, Carie Penabad and George Knight

6 Fall 2012 Events:
“Sound in Architecture” symposium reviews by Victoria Newhouse, Neal Goren and Neil Leonard

8 “George Nelson: Design for Living, American Mid-Century Design and Its Legacy Today” symposium review
by Susan Yelavitch

10 George Nelson, Architect, Writer,Designer, Teacher exhibit review by Brad Walters

11 Working with Water

12 “Yale Women in Architecture” review by Gwen Webber

16 Palladio Virtuel review by Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa

17 Inner Agents, Palladio and Eisenman by Mark Rakatansky

18 Book Reviews:
Ken Frampton’s Five North American Architects review by Martin Finio Ezra Stoller, Photographer review by Michael Crosbie

19 Ariane Lourie Harrison’s ArchitectureTheories of the Environment reviewed by David Ruy Perspecta 45: Agency review by Jasmine Benyamin
Yale School of Architecture Books

20 Fall Lectures

22 Fall Studios

23 Spring 2013 Events:
Berlin Symposium
White Cube, Green Maze: New Art Landscapes
Yale’s Art Gallery renovation reviewed by Sunil Bald

24 Faculty News

25 Building Project Digital Symposium

26 Alumni News

27 Eisenman collection at Beinecke