Knowing How in Downtown Las Vegas


Amy Kessler
Amy Mielke


Yale School of Architecture

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Knowing How in Downtown Las Vegas, features the work of professor Keller Easterling’s Spring 2013 eponymous advanced studio. Her studio focused on understanding and configuring new programs and potentials for downtown Las Vegas sites. The students took on the task of remediating environmental and developmental issues—problems related to infrastructure, water, garbage, suburban expansion, or energy. These issues were addressed with health conscious high-rise buildings resembling giant TVs, a new construction technology for weaving an infrastructural/architectural skin, a pneumatic building for experimental foods and scented atmospheres, a swimming pool long enough to serve as urban transit, and a system of water tanks dramatically exposing the city’s infrastructural underbelly. In addition to the tangible built structures, students were also tasked with creating an amplifying and multiplying “active form” that would operate in less obvious ways. The studio strove to be a precedent for the improvisation studio that values not only knowing that but also knowing how.